Pizza Death - Slice Of Death Vinyl LP Reissue


Pizza Death's first album reissued on vinyl with insert

4 Vinyl Variants

Slicezilla Smash Blue Swirl (edition of 106)
Anticrust Annihilation Purple Swirl (edition of 100)
Decomposing Dougie Green Swirl (edition of 205)
Pepperabies Red Swirl (edition of 100)

20 Slices per pizza

Pizza Death
Mozerella Massacre
Beast Inside The-Box (Death Of Dougie)
Super Special Supreme Commander
Rise Of The Anchovy
Microwave Monster
Excruciating Painapple
Extra Cheese Won't Stop The Disease (But It Couldn't Hurt)
Gourmet Killers
Pizza Face Hugger
13 11 666
Death By Garlic Bread
Hellopeno Hot Pocket
Greasy Bain Marie
Reanimated Corpses Made From Uneaten Pizza Crusts
Nuclear Family Sized
30 Minutes Or Death

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